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Towing Services in Calgary

For all of your towing needs in Calgary and the surrounding region, contact Top Towing. We have tow trucks in every part of the city, and we take pride in our quick response times. We have the tools and know-how to tackle any light to medium towing job in Calgary. When it comes to dependability, professionalism, and affordability, Top Towing’s pros deliver affordable towing in Calgary that is both trustworthy and safe.
Our expert drivers deliver an agile and safe towing service to our customers in need during any weather conditions, thanks to our highly trained team for both day and night shift cycles. Our charges are affordable, and our pleasant, professional operators provide excellent towing service. Customer service is a priority, and timely service is a core value. Our objective is to provide quality towing services in a safe and cost-effective manner, utilizing industry best practices and equipment, to benefit our customers in Calgary and the surrounding area.


Top Towing in Calgary and the surrounding areas provides all types of towing services. Our towing fleet includes light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. We will respond quickly to your call, whether it is snowing, raining, or sunny.


Top Towing is a company that specializes in roadside assistance in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Whether you need a boost, a tire replacement, or assistance after an accident, Towing is close by and ready to help.


Give us a call if your vehicle tires go flat and you're stranded. We'll get you back on the road faster than you can say "hire a towing service." Is there no spare? Don't be concerned. We provide the tire changing options and tools necessary to get you back on the road quickly.


Top Towing provides dependable battery boost services throughout the Calgary area. Whatever the time of day, we are available. We will dispatch a technician as soon as we receive your call with the appropriate equipment for your vehicle.


Have you misplaced your keys? Or did you leave them inside and forget about them? Regardless, you'll be back in your car in minutes with our help! Top Towing wants to make it easy for you to get help when you need it.


Not sure if you will be able to get to the next gas station in time? We've got your back. Give us a call whenever your vehicle runs out of gas in Calgary, and one of our specialists will be there in no time. 

Impound Towing

Top Towing is your Calgary Impound Towing professional when your vehicle has been impounded by the authorities and needs to be retrieved. Our tow trucks have the newest equipment and our drivers have the necessary knowledge to properly handle all light to medium impound towing in Calgary.

Hotshot Services

Any light to medium equipment transporting duty can be handled by our Hotshot Services in Calgary. In Hotshot towing, Top Towing has the necessary equipment and service skills to offer at the greatest value pricing point in the market. Top Towing is the answer if you're seeking for affordable rates and excellent customer service.
Our Hotshot Service Calgary charges are reasonable and there are no hidden costs. Top Towing is the most cost-effective option in the Calgary industry.
Give us a call or send us an email with your exact requirements to get a price for our hotshot services and equipment hauling expertise.

  • Specialized Light Duty Transport
  • Machinery Moving
  • Light Equipment Transport

Customer Reviews

My tire blew out and had to pull over on Deerfoot and called a friend to come and help/get me. We realized it would’ve taken too long to change into my spare and that we needed a tow truck. Lucky for me this man pulls up with his truck and asks if we’re okay and offered to either change my tire or tow me back home for a good price. He towed my car home and even came back 10 minutes later to change my tire for free. Just out of the goodness of his heart. Highly recommend

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